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image 1943 US penny coins balancing on an egg -  robin linhope willson
TO 2013 and the
70th anniversary of the
1943 US 1 cent
magnetic Euro Coins balanced on a glass
and to the other over
600 magnetic coins from
over 70 countries*

Argentina, Aruba, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada,
Cape Verde Is., China, Colombia,
Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea,
Etat del Afrique,
European Union,
Falkland Is., Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Gibralter, Greece, Guernsey, Guinea, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (Eire), Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Polynesie, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Solomon Island, Somaliland, South Africa, South Vietnam, Spain,
Sri Lanka, St Helena, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland,
Trinidad-Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, USA, Vatican, Venezuela,
United Kingdom.
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1943 One Cent US (1 penny ) Coin
70th anniversary of only Magnetic Coin of USA

Will the US Treasury begin minting steel coins in 2013? As the cost of copper and nickel soar, many countries are changing to plated steel that is magnetic.

And what a boon these real magnetic coins have already proved to be for creative, informative and easily acccessible, projects in science and art.

When will US children be able to join in with their own familiar everday coins from their own pockets?

Some photographs illustrating the educational and recreational potential of REAL magnetic coins are shown below with links to further information and photos from other countries on, BALANCING, BLOW-SPINNING, LEVITATING, REMOTE ROLLING, ATTRACTING, PACKING

Real COINS !   NO PHOTOSHOP!   NO Tricks NO adhesives! - Just science and creativity for all !    

image: fabulous four, strawberry, field, magnetic US penny - robin linhope willson
US penny, fabulous four,
strawberry, fields.
image: 1943 US penny coins balancing on 1 dollar bill
President on the edge.
1943 US penny coins President on tightrope
President on a tightrope.
image: blowspinning US 1943 penny - robin linhope willson
Lowest coin spins at over 1000rpm.
image:levitating 1 kg rock, US penny coin - robin linhope willson
Total levitation of 1kg rock, US penny and other coins.
image: 1943 US penny rotates under can - robin linhope willson
US Penny rolls under the can
President rolls in circles.
 Tyne Bridge 1943 US penny coin jumps over car - robin linhope willson
US Penny jumps over the car
President goes head over heals.
But UK Penny rolls more easily. US 1943 Penny - harder steel?
image:  remote rolling of real 1943 US penny down rod - robin linhope willson
Magnet goes down the tube.
Penny rolls down sloping rod.
image:  1943 US penny rolling along a wire - robin linhope willson
US Penny rolls up and down vertical rod.
image:  coin US 1 cent 1943 five penny chain -robin linhope willson
Five 1 penny US coins.
image:  coin US 1 cent 1943 magnet fridge seal - robin linhope willson
Five 1 penny US coins cling to magnetic seal inside fridge.
image:  US 1 cent 1943 penny coins hanging: electromagnet - robin linhope willson
Electromagnet and 5 US coins.