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the Magic Penny Trust (1997-2018)

From 1997 to 2018 The Magic Penny Trust was a UK Registered Charity No. 1060558.


Associated copyright and intellectual property rights, described below, are now held by the UK-registered Magic Penny Company.


  Magic Penny Magnet Kit


The Magic Penny Trust (formerly the Magic Penny Society):
  • is an educational organisation, promoting a greater public understanding of science and its relation with the arts, through enquiry and "hands on" experimentation.
  • provides limited funds to other organizations, particularly those involved with children or hospital patients, for workshops and exhibitions, and the provision of educational literature and electronic information, display material and other equipment, including construction kits, and other educational toys.
  • is a UK Registered Charity (No.1060558) run by volunteers.


Professsor PA Riley, Professor CT Tyler, Professor RL Willson


The Secretary
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Non-Associated Orgnizations

"MAGIC PENNY" is the mark of the MAGIC PENNY TRUST (formerly the MAGIC PENNY SOCIETY) and of the MAGIC PENNY COMPANY, a Limited Company (registered in London, UK), presently dormant, but whose profits when operational go directly to the Magic Penny Trust. Both organizations were set up for charitable purposes, and staff of both organizations work voluntarily.

Neither the MAGIC PENNY TRUST nor the MAGIC PENNY COMPANY have connections with any other live internet sites with related names, that are not linked from its pages.

FREE Educational Copyright

INDIVIDUALS, SCHOOLS or other learning groups are FREE TO USE any MAGIC PENNY information for private, educational, non-commercial activities, provided they give due reference to the MAGIC PENNY TRUST and its internet address:

COMMERCIAL Copyright, Patents and Royalties

The principal source of income of the Trust is from ROYALTIES it receives from the COMMERCIAL use of material for which it has been awarded a patent or has copyright. Before the MAGIC PENNY names, or other information (see below) for which the MAGIC PENNY TRUST claims copyright, are used for COMMERCIAL purposes of any sort or in any form of commercially printed, filmed or electronic communication, the permission of the MAGIC PENNY TRUST must be obtained.     

WORLD WIDE COPYRIGHT is claimed by the MAGIC PENNY TRUST for the various MAGIC PENNY related names used in its documents and associated learning aids and as names of characters, in MAGIC PENNYLAND, MAGIC PENNY WORLD, MAGIC PENNY PLANET, and related MAGIC PENNY TRUST activities. For these and closely related names and other names listed below, the MAGIC PENNY TRUST claims worldwide copyright ownership. These claims are made in good faith. Should anyone feel aggrieved the MAGIC PENNY TRUST would be pleased to hear from them.

1. The following words with "Magic Penny" or "Golden Hexagon" or as a whole, or part, suffix or prefix, (eg "Magic Penny Adventure"; "Adventure Magic Penny", "the Magic Penny Book of Adventure", "The Magic Penny Adventure Book"; "Golden Hexagon Adventures", "The Golden Hexagon Book of Adventure", "MagicPennyLand", "Magic Pennyland")
- Aid, Approach, Art, Astronomy, Birds, Book(s), Café, Calculations, Calender, Center, Centre, Circle, Club, Coins, Communication, Company, Cooking, Cube, Dance, Design, Disco, Education, Emporium, Expeditions, Fairy, Fairies, Films, Flowers, Football, Fotos, Foundation, Fun, Games, Garden(s), Gavot, Geography, Giant, Guides, Herbs, Hexagon, History, Holidays, Hotels, Land, Lake Lane, Life, Magic, Math(s), Money, Mountain, Museum, Nature, Park, Photography, Planet, Playground, Plaza, Poetry, Publications, Music, Railways, Recipes, Records, Recordings, Rose, School, Science, Shop, Society, Stars, Square, Sums, Tables, Tango, Television, Toys, Trail, Travel, Trees, Triangle, Trust, View, Walk, Way, World,

2. The following words with the words "Penny" or "Penny the" as a prefix, or with "Penny" as a suffix. eg "Penny Penguin", "Penny the Penguin" or "Penguin Penny", "Little wise Penny" etc
- Aid, Armadillo, Astronaut, Astrophysicist, Bad, Big, Buttercup, Chemist Chicken, Crocodile, Design, Dinosaur, Doctor, Dolphin, Dozy, Eco, Engineer, Explore, Fox, Grumpy, Happy, Hen, Hungry, Hyper, Kind, Kitten, Lamb, Little, Naughty, Nurse, Ostrich, Patagonia, Pearly, Penguin, Plumber, Princess, Professor, Sad, Seal, Sea lion, Victoria, Walrus, Whale, Wise

3. "Hester´s Rose", "Maria's Rose","Maria Victoria's Rose", "Rose of Patagonia", "Leonardo en Patagonia", "Golden Hexagon of Patagonia",

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