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Magic Penny Magnet Kit (3rd Edition 2006)  

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Magnetic Coins and Non-magnetic Coins in Learning and Play
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the Magic Penny Magnet Kit
New Enlarged International 3rd Edition 2006

"an extraordinary display of magnetic effects ... has all the characteristics needed to interest the public"     - Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale, 14th Astronomer Royal

Sponsored by Brunel University, the Institute of Physics UK and The Royal Institution, London.

This enlarged and revised 3rd edition of this Award-winning kit contains:

  • 24 real UK coins and 1 non-magnetic US cent
  • a revised International Edition of "Investigating Magnetism" now with 70 pages and 32 activites, nearly all completely original, and all clearly illustrated. (The 2nd edition contained only 58 pages and 24 activities. more)
  • two extra-strong Magic Penny magnets especially designed for use with magnetic coins but robust and versatile and excellent for general use too.
    "Magic Penny Magnets:- the "Rolls Royce", the "Swiss Knife" of magnets"
  • magnetically strong but not too strong (more)
  • robust but sleek, covered in stainless steel with black plastic end stops
  • physically strong, withstanding being accidently dropped or knocked in normal use
  • relatively large and not easily lost
  • long-lasting - no obvious change, in original magnets, (now 12 years old), in regular use.
"With this extraordinary kit, children and adults alike will learn things that even top scientists and engineers have found amazing! You can make pennies spin at 1,000 revolutions per minute, build rim-standing sculptures and levitating pyramids, move pennies up ramps and over bridges as if by magic, and much, much more.

More Information

Magnets and Coins at

"Investigating Magnetism"by Robin Willson, Patrick Riley and Daniel Harris, Brunel University 1995-2006 (ISBN 1-872166-38-5). (64+6 =70 pages including inside covers)more

Magic Penny Magnet Kit First Edition 1995 and Second Edition 1997


Made in China, for Dowling Magnets, California under license from the Magic Penny Trust. Distributed in the UK and available online from E-magnets UK . Also available from other stores and internet sites worldwide. (see Google, Yahoo and other search engines - check for magic penny magnet kit and new edition as in photo.)
Box Design detail       

International: many of the activities can also be undertaken, or extended, with magnetic coins of the European Union, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, New Zealand etc., as well as no longer used coins of many countries.


NEW !   Maria Victoria Rose of Patagonia
( in old Argentinian pesos)

See: in UK pennies and much more in new kit

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