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real magnetic coins balanced on US dollar note .robin linhope willson
02 - 16 JANUARY 2013
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 US 1943 1 cent coinbalanced on apple  - robin linhope willson
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20 years of magnetic coins in science and art
Magnetic Coins in Patagonia
- balancing the forces of nature - robin linhope willson

Hotel Yene hue, Puerto Madryn, Patagonia, Argentina,
2 - 16 January 2013.

On the 2 January 1993 Robin Willson discovered that the UK government had started to make 1 penny coins out of iron rather than copper.

Although somewhat taken a back by the lack of publicity surrounding this historic change, he quickly realized the great potential of these real "magnetic coins" in education and play.

What he never realized was how much this chance finding would change his life and how much pleasure and stimulation it would bring.
Robin now lives in Patagonia, Argentina.
real magnetic euro cents balanced on pasta:robin linhope willson

In celebration of 20 years of magnetic coins in science and art, Ciencias y Artes Patagonia, in association with Hotel Yene hue Puerto Madryn, is holding an exhibition of some of Robinīs recent photographs of gravity-defying educational displays. The photographs are literally "amazing" once it is realized that no glues or fotoshop trickery is involved.
robin linhope willson:science on a shoe string, magnetic UK coins 1p 2p 5p 10p
Robin hopes the exhibiton illustrates, not only how science and art can interact, but also the basic cycle of science "amazement, curiosity, experiment, amazement, curiosity, experiment, amazement.....etc"

He also hopes that this can be an opportunity to thank all those, of all ages around the world, who have taken part in Magic Penny related activities. He sees it as a fine example of the value of international collaboration and the inspiration and satisfaction that this can bring.

The exhibition is dedicated two of Robinīs close friends: Victor James Coates (1940-2006, who played with magnets with Robin during his schooldays and who helped so much in uncovering most interesting information concerning the Northumbrian ancestors of the Argentinian writer Jorge Louis Borges, author of the "The Iron Coin") and Klaus Dieter Asmus (1937-2012, without whose assistance children of Escuela No 168 in Puerto Madryn in June 2000, would not have enjoyed the amazing sight of a hexagon of 168 German pfennig coins levitating totally.

More information: Ciencias y Artes Patagonia - .

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